You’re the one that makes me less alone
You pull me out and act like home

In a crowd of faceless noise
You’re my anchor, I’m your toy
Too weak to help in any way
Keeping my thoughts away

I know if it was me
Just me, only me
I wouldn’t care at all
I’ve given up
I’m good to fall
But because of you I’m still here
You’re the only thing I still hold dear
Although I’m not always near
You’re always needed
Always wanted
Unless you leave
Then my need will go unheeded
Unanswered pleas for life
But that’s okay
A lone tree dying in a wood
Can still do the land some good
Giving rabbits a place to die
By the roots and trunk, to lie
Lost chances, no regrets
What’s left to happen yet?
Done it all by nineteen
Five years dead
Six explained
The world grows ever more estranged