Well I can’t sleep and I can’t think straight
This last month hasn’t been so great
Some crazy shit happened and it’s all gone wrong
Lying every night feeling more alone
Razor wire hearts bloom and bleed
Flies hover round as they start to feed
It’s all secret ‘til it leaks through the base
Now everyone’s staring as I go pale faced
Curled up for the winter, unravelled in spring
Looked around and burrowed back in
Talk of forever whilst now is a mess
It’s all part of the big master test
Crawling the steps to the big wooden gates
Knowing I’ve never had what it takes
Amputated hands, intertwined fingers
No feeling of hope or faith or trust lingers

Spitting roses from the core
Flowery red spills onto the floor
Taste the love
That falls from above
As I cut in another door