“Are you okay?” The words fall like drool from a dog watching its master eating steak

The cold hearts of people feigning care as they run to you, arms out demanding hugs
Kisses for the sad, they cry, as you stand and wonder why,
Why the façade? If they cared they would work it out and they do not so why try?
They feel they should care but don’t so just ask and hug and ask and hug
Waiting for the day where you smile fully, sleep soundly and wake up feeling as fresh as they do when they shower
You think of rain and tears where they see hygiene and relaxation
You see blood and death where they see life and youth
Babies die, you think
Life is born, they say
The fakery of it all as it swans around you, clucking like an army officer inspecting
You’re on parade ground now and your loved ones are dead
Everyone here is an enemy and you can’t cope
You don’t know how
But they try and they lie and they die and you don’t love them until they aren’t there to be loved

The few you feel for are so distracted or distraught you aren’t on their list
They prioritise above you and you stand at the ladder base hating
Hating everything they put above you as you sit and wonder why
Why all those you love have others in their lives whilst you have only them
Only him and only her
Nothing they do or say is ever enough
None of it ever makes you happy
Are you so old and jaded you feel you’ve seen it all?
Are you bored?
Or is it deeper?
The infinite sadness in the oceans of fake joy
Drowning in the façade of pleasantries
Parties hide tears
Games hiding fights
The light is out and we put in a mirror
Reflecting them back as you mimic them so
They can’t complain if they talk to themselves

Laying in bed wanting to sleep
Wanting to write
Wanting to read
Never time for anything as time is too short and life is too long
The world is too big and vast for us all
But we pillage time and rape the earth
Killing each other to climb to the top
Getting heaps of trash to pass on when you die
When the Devils sing and the angels cry
So you get nothing done because committing is too hard
So you lay and think and shout at yourself in your head
Because you know you should have done something for the past three weeks
But find yourself repeating your act
Wake, eat, watch, listen, eat, think, wonder, maybe? eat, sleep
Birth, grow, school, marriage, work, children, die
The order alters but it’s all the same
Another tear in the puddle
Another stitch in the carpet
Another star in the sky
Individually you’re the world
Together you’re a blur