I’ve never known love
And I never will
I don’t want feelings
They’re things you can’t kill
Things that can’t die
Have indefinite lives
Unending sorrow
Infinite lies

I don’t want love
It means I must change
If I have to
It will be strange
I don’t know what’s wrong
With how I still think
But maybe my thoughts
Aren’t like bugs in the sink

Perhaps when you feel
Everything’s new
You’re beautiful, ugly
You really are you
If I must feel
Then tell me how
I’m feeling so numb
In a bubble right now

So say how to think
What to feel or do
I never sound smart
Or say nice things to you
I know how to make
You sit there and cry
But to know what to do
When so stilly you lie

Oh tell me how to move
On from the past
Let go of such things
Find greener grass
I don’t want to say
I’m weak and alone
But that is one thing
I have always known