They cut and poke and phone us up
But we know the truth
They say your brain had given up
But it’s not that

They got you in the end
You were running so fast
But they caught you and that’s that
You can’t live forever
Unless eternal life is in memory
Then I shall grant you that
Because I can never move on or forget
The gentle man who showed love to us all

Twenty two was the number of me
The address of your house
The gap between years
A recurring theme like a nightmare
Flying around in my head like the ghostly portraits of your face
Scenes of kindness
Lessons learnt
To live and love as you did would be a fantasy
None can live as you
Truly, none would wish to
You could never move on from your past and it killed you in the end
Outrunning your demons as they grew in strength
Their ranks growing larger as you aged in your chair
You knew it would happen
You did what you could
Spoke softly in the front room sitting in your chair
Gazing at the street you once knew so well
But the world had changed and you couldn’t cope
You didn’t want to be around
We all live too long