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January 2016

Is Childhood Real?

Beyond the physical aspect of growing and development, is childhood real?
People grow, evolve develop all through life.

“As soon as you learn death. As soon as you learn you can be hurt, that’s when childhood dies”.

As soon as a child is born, everyone around is rushing to get them to being adults. Get them walking and talking and dressed like miniature adults and we’ll gush over it then suddenly one day they’re immature, babyish and need to grow up or else life will leave them behind. They need to run and get in the race of life, run round the wheel and have a good future.

Childhood is real for as long as the swing is in the air.

“When childhood dies, its corpses are called adults and they enter society, one of the politer names of Hell.” – Brian Aldiss.


Just A Fish

Dipping fingers into the river’s waters
Touching all the water on all the earth
The rivers do not get jealous
Oceans demand no loyalty
Love the waters and they all love you
Advance recklessly and they will have their way
They give life and take it away
We obsess and fixate on their way
The ebbing and flowing, their wild nature
Their having no single nomenclature
I am but a fish swimming the depths
Searching for things, I know not what yet
I ask River’s help as she shows me the way
Allowing in light at the break of each day
I see other fish and the coral and krill
Wonder what delights, fears and thrills
Could be in store for one such as I
Who swim so blindly
I’ll figure it out as I search for food
A place to sleep, and look at the view
Try to take it all in but there is too much
Drowning in the life that circles me
Addled by life, by death
The sea is my prison
The water’s disease
I cannot leave and step onto shore
I cannot leave and live again once more

I’ll write something better later…

You were just a man
Yet so much more
We all loved you
And you knew what for
You hated the fame
But the only one
That you have to blame
Is yourself, starman

You were too damn good
You did too much and none of it
Was ever truly understood
As and when it was done
By the time it clicked
You’d have laughed and moved on
Under pressure you may have been
When you hung with the killer queen
But you were our Mr Stardust
Only dancing out with John
Teaching change as a person is a must

Showing us all the art of growth
Teaching us to see the world in a thousand ways
Your message will live on without you
We promise to teach it until the end of days

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