Nazis, UKIP, KKK, National Front, BNP
It’s all about protecting us from them
We’re not racist, we just want them to go
We’re proud of our heritage and where we’re from
The things outside of our control
Everyone is brainwashed by education, by society, the media
Taught to be ashamed of our colonial past
We’re not slavers anymore
We want them to leave
But we’re not racist
They create problems here
But we’re not racist
They should learn to be like us, speak our tongue, pray like us
But we’re not racist
Differences are fine so long as they conform
But we’re not racist
They preach hate, they are scum and should die
But we’re not racist
We’re not hypocrites
They start in ones then queue by the thousand
We’re drowning in a sea of foreign
They outnumber us
It’s not proven but it feels like it
Why should we help them?
What have they done for us?
What did we do to them?
Why do we deserve this?
Leave them to look after themselves
Why do they flee their lands?
I’d like to see some of you face bullets, bombs, starvation and the kinds of poverty that connect your spine to your navel
But we’re not racist
We’re proud
Proud of where we’re from because we chose that ourselves
We chose to be from here
We chose to speak this way
They choose to run
They choose to bring their fears
They bring their gods and tongues, their children and their cooking
We get the takeaways but mow down the rest
Get rid of it
Diversity thrust upon us
We never asked for this
But we’re not racist