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May 2017

Three years and all I’ve got

Is a photo in a frame on the floor

A jar filled with loves that you gave me

Little notes that I can’t read anymore
You never understood

I wonder if you could

You said I never tried to explain

I know I never could
The perfect portrait of love

Growing dusty on the carpet

The piece of you you gave

Sits left on the desk

Forever was our favourite dream

But I neglected and abused

Took the flowers all for granted

You bloom so beautifully in spring


I Still Care



The heat intensifies the isolation

Five days since you were missed in bed

Now all signs show permanence

Confusion and upset circle around

They’ve moved on now

Supposed drunken one offs

Now the way things are

No response shows a lack of care 

Too many tries, too little, too late

Self-inflicted loss interpreted as hate

The dams swell but nothing bursts

Lips stapled when asked about the hurt 

It didn’t work and you don’t work

But I’ll wait for another try

It can be a break

Does that make you break?

Enjoy it. 

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