There are lots of people making very explicitly political statements where they’re talking about who they’re voting for or which figures they align themselves with. I think if you know me, me saying that at this point would be redundant because you’d know or you’d have worked it out.

If you don’t want to vote because you don’t believe it makes a difference, you have that right. I might think not voting only makes a difference if enough people don’t vote and speak out but that‘s just like, my opinion, man.
If you are voting, and I think you should, then you vote for whoever you want. Some vote for ideals and hopes, others to counter opposing parties. Some vote for local MPs, others for the party as a whole, others for the leader. Some people make a list in their minds of what order they’d vote in and vote for whoever appears on the ballot that is high on that imaginary list whilst others swear by specifically one party and won’t vote for any others under any circumstances. It’s not my place to say which is right and which are wrong. Just, if you are voting, know why you are voting and be prepared to live with any and all consequences of that vote. Don’t vote because of headlines, hashtags, trends, memes etc. Just think it through.